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Thank you so much Dr. Sammy. We really appreciate you explaining everything to us. It helped us understand so much better. You are awesome and we will definitely keep referring you to family and friends. Again, thank you for everything. You are amazing!


Thank you Dr. Sammy for taking such good care of my mom. My family and I have such respect for you and your incredible talent for helping people become pain free. Words cannot express our appreciation.

by  of Vernon, TX

I have had to deal with lower back pain for 13 years. At times, the pain in my legs was excruciating, limiting my ability to function normally. When all other options failed, I turned to Dr. Parikh for help.

Dr. Sammy worked with me on a very personal level in his approach and made me feel very comfortable and confident in my decision to have surgery. My L5-S1 is now fused. The type of surgery was minimally invasive compared to techniques used by other doctors and institutes that I had been seeing.

It’s been approximately 1 year since my surgery and, simply put, I could not have asked for better results. My nerve issues are basically nonexistent and I am no longer taking any pain medicine or injections as I was before the surgery. Dr. Sammy still checks on me to see how I am doing, even a year after my surgery. I have never seen that kind of patient commitment/customer satisfaction from any doctor that I have ever seen. I would highly recommend Dr. Parikh to anyone considering surgery.

I would also encourage anyone considering back surgery to review the patient feedback on Dr. Parikh, as well as any other doctors being considered, not only on this site but other reviews as well. The positive feedback is unmatched to any other doctor or institute that I had considered before my surgery.

by  of McKinney, TX

Dr. Sammy performed surgery on my husband 2 days ago. I can’t say enough good things about this Dr. He is not only a great surgeon that has a gift but he is a wonderful human being. He cares not only for the patient but for the family members as well. He has been in constant contact with me, and made sure he eased my fears as well as my husband’s. These qualities are hard to find now days. He knows how to get things done when they need to be done. He goes the extra mile in every way. I am very thankful to God for giving this wonderful man the gifts that he has. Thank you and God bless you Dr. Sammy!

by  of McKinney, TX

There are not enough words to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Parikh. Dr Parikh performed neck surgery on me fusing C4 to C7, due to a neck injury from a fall. He performed the surgery three years ago. Before that surgery, I could barely move my neck. After surgery, all motion had returned. Dr. Parikh also performed my last lumbar surgery for me. I had previous lumbar surgery (from another surgeon) prior to meeting Dr. Parikh. Due to complications from that surgery, I was in severe nerve pain. This pain was almost intolerable, to the point I did not care if I lived. I searched for a doctor who would talk with me in layman’s terms, a person with compassion and the knowledge to return me to good health. In a meeting with Dr. Parikh I felt he was the doctor with the knowledge and compassion needed. He performed surgery on L-2, L-3, L-4, L-5 and S1. That surgery has turned my life of pain to a life worth living.

His concern for me has continued. I know he is an excellent neurosurgeon from personal experience. In fact, Dr. Parikh has performed lumbar surgery on my son and his life has also been made better. Thank you Dr. Parikh! I have been blessed to know this man.

by  of Frisco, TX

Dr. Parikh was very thotough and attentive during the surgery and pre/post appointments. He did a great job with the paperwork process as well. He was very accommodating to my schedule and was prompt in replying to emails and texts.

by  of Frisco, TX

Thank you for the treatment you gave me for my back pain. The staff was informative and helpful, and my disc surgery went great.

A little about the doctor.

Dr sammy

As a neurosurgeon and spine specialist, Dr. Sammy focuses on taking an integrative approach to your treatment for a variety of spine, brain, and nerve conditions. He emphasizes the personal touch, basing your treatment on advanced diagnostics, state-of-the-art technology, as well as detailed information about you, your medical history, and your lifestyle. The results speak for themselves through so many happy patients at The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center in Frisco.

We treat the following ailments and more:

  •  Degenerative Disc Disease
  •  Corporate and Creative
  •  Neck Pain
  •  Spinal Stenosis
  •  Concussions
  •  Back Pain

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